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10/31/09: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

I got the eighth movie review up. It's the longest review yet and I ramble and fangirl a lot, as promised.

The London Expo was great; I now have a Dialga plushie named Quentin Tarantino. And a Gurren Lagann T-shirt. And a newfound obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeeeeah. It's Dannichu's fault, I swear.

This Monday, it will be seven years since this site went online. I will try to do something for the occasion.

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Commenting on: 10-31-09

I have something to say about your review. Cute has nothing to do with personality, and you can be happy and selfish at the same time. Plus, what if it wasn't an afterlife, but a real life?

[13/05/2011 04:40:13]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-31-09

I do like the interpretation that Mew genuinely does not understand concepts like love and friendship, as far as the story of the movie is concerned; it mostly just personally bugs me on an emotional level because Mew is just too cute to be incapable of love. In other words, just me being silly.

And yes, Mew did it for the Tree, but there is no real difference, since Mew and the Tree are essentially one being; Mew being concerned about the Tree is more or less the same thing as Mew being concerned about itself. To heal itself, Mew has to heal the tree, because it is the tree's sickness that is making Mew sick. Primarily, my point here is that my sense of morality says that if I'm sick and another person could lay down their life to save me, I would never actually ask and positively expect them to make that sacrifice for my sake. The fact Mew did just that strikes me as very deeply morally wrong, even if that is what is needed to save all the Pokémon in the tree. It would strike me as less so if Mew were an indifferent party, but since Mew has a very heavy stake in whether Lucario heals the Tree or not, it cannot try to make that call for Lucario without coming off as disturbingly selfish.

[14/11/2009 02:55:47]

Caldazar Atreides
Commenting on: 10-31-09

Nice to know that there are some fans out there who believe that not all relationships have to end with physical intimacy. It’s ridiculous how widespread this belief is.

My only real disagreement is on your view of Mew. There is much fan debate about whether it is the same Mew from The First Movie. Personally I think that Mew would have recognized Ash if that were the case. But for now let us assume that this Mew is not the same as the Mew who fought Mewtwo.

First, does Mew even understand the concept of friendship? As far as we know he’s only taken toys to his hiding pot, not people or Pokémon. Without that, could he really understand Pikachu’s loss?

Second, I was under the impression that Mew was doing this in order to help the Tree and all the Pokémon who live within it (yes, we all know that Lucario healed Mew for those reasons, but hear me out). Then, the first thing Mew did after he was healed was to heal the Tree. At least, that’s what it looked like from here. It depends on how far you take Mew’s connection to the Tree and why he needed to go to its center in order to heal it. Also, if Mew just wanted to be healed, Ash and Lucario could have done it right when Mew became sick rather than lead then on a merry run throughout the Tree.

Going along with the friendship theme of the movie, it wouldn’t be so farfetched to see Mew as a foil, his ignorance of friendship played against Ash, Lucario, and (especially) Pikachu’s own relationships. If so it was pretty underplayed.

All in all a good review. I agree with you on all the positives. The review oozed with unfettered glee, but that just made it more enjoyable. If I wanted to see it another way I wouldn’t have read your review. The time flowers as plot devices may be convenient, but at least they work.

(P.S. I really like the link to tvtropes.org)

[14/11/2009 02:09:06]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

Whoops, my mistake, I entered under WindClan with my friend Russetclaw. Silly me. :P

[03/11/2009 03:22:41]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

Umm… I really feel like I complain too much, but I think I got over half the answers right on the last crossword, unless I typed them in wrong.

OH AND BY THE WAY YAYAYAYAY CROSSWORD!!!!!!~~~~ :DDDD *fangirl squeal*

I wish I could've gone to London. D:

[03/11/2009 03:21:23]

Daughter of Mew
Website: Cavern of Mew
Commenting on: 10-31-09

I was going to go to the Expo, but I got swine flu. Quarantine fail. xD

Never really been big on the Pokémon movies, but I've been reading through these reviews. I always thought the Time Flowers were lazy, too.

Haha, I'd hate to meet my Internet friends in real life. I'm too antisocial to even go near them…

Happy seven years of the site being online. :D

[02/11/2009 21:00:25]

Kyuu Fox
Commenting on: 10-31-09

I would have put the Mew thing under the Good. But that's me.

[02/11/2009 17:37:10]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

Dude, Buffy FTW.

[01/11/2009 23:09:35]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

And I have been watching Gurren Lagann a ton lately. What a spooky coincidence. Anyway, I love the eighth movie, so I must go read the review. Goodbye.

[01/11/2009 21:57:50]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

It always looked to me like Pikachu's costume sort of dissolved when he first used Thunderbolt in the tournament. I suppose that many volts would destroy cloth.

[01/11/2009 19:25:12]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-31-09

Yes, I met Dannichu in real life. As well as Espeon and opaltiger. It was awesome. :D

[01/11/2009 13:01:15]

Commenting on: 10-31-09

Yay, movie 8! That's my favorite one! I'll be sure to read that review… tomorrow. /lazy/ I even had a dream in which I met you and thought about asking you about that review… yeah. o-o

Did you see Dannichu in real life? If so, that's so cool - I wish I could meet one of my online friends in person.

Holy crap, seven years? To think I started visiting this site five years ago… wow. O_o;;; I was ten. TEN. It feels so… strange.

(offtopic: I got Gardevoir for the spammifier… and I got a Kirlia toy today and it's on my desk right now. I love coincidences. XD)

[01/11/2009 04:23:58]

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