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10/28/10: Content-Writing for Dummies

The other one of those sections I was talking about, Content-Writing for Dummies, is up. If you think I should go into more detail on any part of it, by the way, tell me; I'd be happy to. I'm also considering going a little more into good style in general, but that may be something for later.

I'm going to London tomorrow to attend the London MCM Expo. If you're going, I'm all for saying hi if we happen to find each other. Details on how to spot us will hopefully be posted on my Twitter.

Oh, yeah, and if you're having trouble accessing the forums, it's a domain issue. The alternate URL works fine, so use that until forums.dragonflycave.com becomes usable again (my dad owns the domain registration account, so he has to go fix it, but he's abroad at the moment; I've already e-mailed him to do it when he has the chance).

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Oh, yay! I've been waiting for that article!

And I was sure wondering about the forums….

[29/10/2010 00:13:00]

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Also oh hey you have a Twitter. Somehow I feel like I should already know that. @_@

[28/10/2010 23:52:27]

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