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10/25/03: Don't swear in guestbooks, you #$%&!

I'm really sorry, I had this update ready three days ago, but I never uploaded it... anyway, I wish I didn't have to repeat this, but... NO SWEARING IN THE GUESTBOOK. If you do that, I may lose my temper start yelling at you in red, bold, underlined, italicized, size 72 font and all caps. An example of that can be found a few pages back in the guestbook. And if that still doesn't do it, then the guestbook will be deleted. You already know that when I say I will, I'm serious, so you better keep out of the line if you want a guestbook at all. Anyway, Latios sent a new fanfic, and the BabelFished section has been so popular I've already gotten some fan-sent stuff in it. Also one by me... then I wrote some new counters in the Anti-anti-Pokémon section and tweaked it around a bit more. Enjoy. And I also got my first fan-sent fake code! And I put a little poll beside the Pikachu that's below the updates. Please vote!

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