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10/24/07: Spam-be-gone!

Some spam message got posted in my guestbook. I accordingly did what I had been planning to do if the spambots figured out that they just had to take the phrase between the quotes and paste it into the box, namely to make it display a random Pokémon sprite and have you type that Pokémon's name in order to get your message posted. Slightly less convenient when posting in the guestbook, perhaps, but one more inconvenience to the bots that requires them to recognize all the Pokémon if they're going to post spam in my guestbook is more than worth it.

I also finally got my Wi-Fi USB connector. :D My friend code on Diamond is 4296 1090 1148. If you have, say, a Squirtle or Bulbasaur, I'd be delighted to trade you a Charmander or any of the Hoenn starters, by the way. Just contact me. And if you want proof that I do suck as much at competitive battling as I always claim, feel free to ask for a battle as well (but please don't expect me to spend every last moment of my free time battling you over and over).

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