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10/19/11: Affiliation and Expo

My laptop is still in repairs. Apparently, despite that the keyboard was just about the only thing that was still working just fine, the keyboard was somehow the cause of all the problems and they had to order a new keyboard from abroad which is taking a while to arrive. I did, however, get to come in and copy some files off the hard drive yesterday, so at least I now have my work on the fake Pokémon guide so far.

Anyway, I more-or-less-entirely rewrote my affiliation requirements. I sort of meant for them to end up shorter, but they ended up mostly the same length, just tackling things a bit differently and hopefully illuminating better the three main reasons I cite when I reject affiliation requests and how to avoid them. The way it used to be, it kind of jumped back and forth naming individual things on websites that bug me, which had rather too much overlap with the website tips; now it tries to group things together and talk more about how everything has to do with affiliation in particular.

For the fourth time, I'm going to be attending the London MCM Expo with some of my UK-based friends. If you are too and would potentially like to say hi, you can drop me a line. I'm heading off tomorrow, so don't expect anything to be happening until the end of October. More stuff will be coming when I get back from England.

UPDATE EDIT: I rewrote my thought on the Mew trick, because something about it had been bugging me for a long, long time and the work I've been doing for the new Kinds of Content section led me to fully realize what it was. Now it actually has a point, instead of just being an anecdote for the sake of an anecdote. Fancy that.

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Yo, just a headsup that the URL to Copy Cat in the affliates bar is broken. :)

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