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10/19/07: For readers...

Okay, I actually went with a little more of a compromise than I originally did. I had been toying with the idea that it might perhaps be nice to somehow let headlines from the Quest Blog get automatically posted on the main site so that readers could notice them, but felt it would be too intrusive to be putting that somewhere on this utterly unrelated website. Instead, I now made a special button for the minipage and decided I might as well put it on my link menu where it does not get in anyone's way, and thus it is now located just below the affiliates there.

If you hover over the link, whether using a style where the button appears or the text link, you can then see the date and headline of the last update on the Quest Blog (for example, now there is a very interesting entry up, or rather a semi-interesting entry with a couple of very interesting comments, that could sprout some great discussion if somebody actually noticed it). This means that to check whether there is an update on the Quest Blog after checking the main site, you only need to scroll a little down and hover over the link. You will be able to see from the headline immediately whether it is a new chapter (since the headline would then definitely say something like "Chapter 37 up"), and the link leads directly to the Quest Blog so you won't have to click through multiple links if it does interest you. I will, of course, still make note of important updates on the minipage such as new chapters the next time I update the main site, as I originally planned in that earlier update.

Doing this also made me realize that it made no sense to write dates on the main site American-style but on the minipage European-style, and this probably confused some people already and would have confused even more if I hadn't decided to switch over to American-style there too. So yeah, now they're both American-style and everything should be pretty clear.

Enjoy. Oh, yeah, and the D/P Zodiac is almost done - I've gotten the system down completely and now it's just finding a... semi-fitting (*cough* make some Bug, Poison or Fighting legendaries already, Game Freak *cough*) Reign for the remaining Pokémon and then getting the order of everything down for good. And no, you can not e-mail me with your birthday and ask me to put your favorite Pokémon on it.

Aaaand now to write my sociology essay about religion in a multicultural society.

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