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10/14/07: Ladies and gentlemen...

Dragonfree's Rants is no more.

Well, that's more because I hadn't updated it in years and three of the four rants on it were pretty stupid and forum-specific. So instead I took the one rant I still liked from it, Overrated, and put it instead on the main site under Opinions/Theories and added another rant that I've been meaning to make in some form for a long time, namely about "You know you're obsessed with Pokémon when..." lists. Finally, I revamped both the old "Guessing the Names" rant and the thought about the Mew trick, since I felt that both were rather too aimless before, to make them more focused on their point.

Oh, and I also put up Articuno Snowflake style at the forums a couple of days ago.

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im ded. its becuz you removed rants. i h8 you.

[06/03/2010 07:27:15]

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