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10/13/12: Conquest

I've finished the Pokémon Conquest review, in accordance with the Site Poll. It's a bit longer than my previous reviews, and I ended up splitting it into sections.

Safari Zone mechanics are next on the poll. Although I've also been itching to make the Interactive Type Chart, which is currently at number three. We'll see how my mood ends up.

I also rewrote the About Me section the other day; it started because parts of it were outdated, and then I just went and rambled about all the things, as I am wont to do.

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Commenting on: 10-13-12

Yes, you'll still be able to create types, in a less clunky way. The type polygon feature might not make it directly since that doesn't really make any sense laid out on a chart, but I'm doing my best to have everything else.

[03/11/2012 06:48:32]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

I hope the ITC keeps the type-creating feature. That's what I liked most!

[01/11/2012 19:09:26]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

I was hoping for the movie review, but, the conquest review was very helpful. Good thing I read this before I bought the game.

[23/10/2012 22:09:32]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

Always enjoy reading your updated bios. 8) A bit unfortunate you have to practically disclaimer all your throwaway jokes, haha. It's all good, I get that it needs to be done.
I was interested in conquest from the art alone but upon reading your review I realised that's probably not the sort of game I'm interested in. So hoorah, your effort immediately finds vindication! (Don't worry, I'd probably do proper research if I ever actually bought games within several years of their release.)

[15/10/2012 09:09:06]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

The link to the forums on the About Me section doesn't work. It's looks like the lack of a '.com' is the reason.

[15/10/2012 00:22:57]

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