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10/11/07: Oh, wow.

Sorry for the lack of... well, anything. I've been terribly busy recently doing a whole host of things other than working on this website. I have been alive, however, as shown by how much I've been updating the Quest Blog. Speaking of which, the poll results are so split that I think I'll go with a compromise: if I update the story or minipage or there is something particularly important on the Quest Blog, I will mention this in passing the next time I update the main site, but I will no longer make updates specifically to announce updates on the minipage. This way, if you are so interested that you want to be able to read new chapters immediately, you can watch the Quest Blog (and are probably the kind of person who'd be interested in all the stuff posted there that is not a chapter update, anyway), but if you're just a casual reader who doesn't really care, you'll eventually hear of it when there's a new chapter anyway if you just go to the main site. That said, there is sadly no new chapter yet.

On the other hand, there is a new crossword. Rejoice. The results from the September crossword were extremely interesting, however. Firstly, nobody got all 37 words of the crossword right. However, eleven people got exactly 36 of them right, and what's more, all of those eleven people got the exact same word wrong. This one troublesome word was 23 down, "If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Most of them confidently guessed Parasect, and a couple said Prinplup, most likely because they were the only two Pokémon that fit whose Pokédex entries made any mention of trees. But guess what? It was Primeape. You were all taking it too literally. And nobody at all got it right. Mwahahaha.

However, the first three with 36 correct to submit were opaltiger and Crystylla (should I tell them not to start doing the crossword until the last three days or so to give somebody else a chance?), Electric Ho-oh and Umbee. Congratulations to them and also to all the other Honorable Mentions for the September crossword, especially of course those seven others who got 36 right.

Now for some good news of what I've been doing: in a random spurt of feeling like playing Ranger, I finished the game and got myself a Manaphy for my Diamond. Yay. I might put up something like a review of Ranger soon. And I finally ordered a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector from Amazon, which technically should have been delivered already but hasn't. Hopefully I'll get my hands on it soon and be able to join in on the Wi-Fi madness with everybody else.

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