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10/11/06: Listy...

I'm crazy, but I just updated the Pokémon List Generator. It now has a variety of new functions, including the ability to order by the National, Johto, Hoenn or Shinou Pokédexes or alphabetically, the ability to include or exclude specific generations of Pokémon, and all the fourth-generation Pokémon. Yup, what I have been doing all day is writing scripts that write out lists of Pokémon names. Yay.

Larissa, I will stab you severely if you use the list generator to make a random Pokémon generator with the fourth generation before I do. <.<

I know there is some fan-submitted content I've yet to put up, and I'm sorry about that. I just really don't have the time right now.

Oh, and do the crossword.

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