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10/10/06: Even more @_@... in more ways than one

Okay, the October crossword is here now. As the crossword page explains, it might be extended to cover November too, since I was in such a lovely bizarre-crossword-clue-making mood - the most iconic of them most likely being 3 down, which is none other than...

@_@ (9)

Have fun with that. :P

Of course, this also means we have the winners of the September crossword. First place goes to Pelipy, with 30 correct; second place goes to Crystylla and opaltiger, also with 30 correct, but later to submit; and third place goes to The AU, with 29 answers correct. The crossword had 31 words in total, and there were quite a few honorable mentions as well.

Additionally, as you may have noticed, I added a "this page was last updated" date on the top of every page. Hmm, actually, I think I'm moving them to the bottom. You know they're there, at least.

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