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10/08/09: Destiny Deoxys

Aaand the Destiny Deoxys review is finally up.

The eighth movie is my favorite, so I'll probably have a lot of fun writing that review. It will fangirl and overanalyze!

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Commenting on: 10-08-09

dang, that is kinda what i thought to, good thinking! dragonfree will probably like this! (:

[12/10/2009 23:21:14]

Caldazar Atreides
Commenting on: 10-08-09

Apologies in advance for the long post.

I was under the same impression as Leafpool. Going along with the Legendaries theory of one individual per species (which I know you subscribe to, even though it is blown out of the water by this movie by the two Deoxys), then we can assume that this Rayquaza is the only Rayquaza in existence. Knowing that Rayquaza lives in the Ozone, an atmospheric layer that covers (most) of the Earth, we can deduce that the whole of the Earth is her territory (A/N: for the purposes of this post Rayquaza is a female). This would also explain why Rayquaza attacked Deoxys in LaRousse, even though it is far from the North Pole (North Pole because there’s no Ozone in the South Pole, and thus is outside of Rayquaza’s habitat; if it was mentioned in the movie I didn’t pick up on it). That’s because it’s strong enough to challenge Rayquaza, and could thus usurp her territory. This is a very primal thought process I’m applying and it doesn’t quite match up with Rayquaza’s “realization” near the end (when she’s being shielded by the Deoxys). To me it didn’t feel like Rayquaza was forgiving them—that happened later—but rather the sensation that all the pieces of the puzzle had fallen together and she finally understands the situation.

Another near-missed moment that should also have to be considered is that, judging from the camera angle when Rayquaza first appeared, the meteorite almost hit her. It’s the Legendary equivalent to almost being the victim of a hit-and-run. I know I would be pissed.

Even I found Rebecca’s spontaneous epiphany too much to believe. You’d think they’d come up with something a little more plausible, like that it’s the Deoxys’ equivalent of the Rosetta Stone, fallen from the stars to land near Rebecca’s hometown. She was woken early in the morning by Suicune’s howling, and carried to the site by Ho-oh—what? Not good enough? Darn, I thought I was on to something there. Seriously though, couldn’t they realize that the light patterns were exactly identical, i.e. that the Deoxys were saying the same thing? “Friend, where are you?” fits into the position of both Deoxys. But then again, so does “Release Deoxys,” rendering this whole thread moot. But dammit, at least it’s something! Couldn’t they have at least tried to explain it?

A good review, as per usual. I’d rank it higher than the middle of the bottom (maybe just about the middle), simply because I felt everything worked fairly well together from the action to the character actions and developments. It only fails because, on the whole, the whole film has a thoroughly mediocre feel to it. I didn’t quite care for Deoxys enough to worry about whether they’d reunite, and the city was evacuated so no people were in danger (except Ash & co.). It just doesn’t have that larger-than-life feel to it all the other movies had. And that’s all I can really say about that.

[12/10/2009 22:58:02]

Moonlights Blood
Commenting on: 10-08-09

I can't wait for the next movie review, I love reading them! :3 Your opinions and "over analyzing" seem to match my own opinions and analysis most of the time… o.0

[12/10/2009 18:50:55]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-08-09

I always have my e-mail open, but as it happens I'm very far behind on affiliation/site rating requests and have a huge queue going, so any e-mails asking for opinions on websites are being starred for whenever I get around to them.

[12/10/2009 00:31:28]

Galactic commander neptune
Commenting on: 10-08-09

Okay, thanks for clearing that up! Sorry about that, I just thought that you were insulting him! P.S. have you checked your E-mail lately? I sent you a few E-mails and you still haven't responded!

[11/10/2009 23:36:52]

Commenting on: 10-08-09

In the review, you suggested that Rayquaza might hold a grudge against Deoxys for attacking it when Deoxys first came onto the Earth. I actually didn't see it like that when I first watched the movie; to me it seemed more like Rayquaza would go after anything that entered the Earth's atmosphere out of the automatic assumption that it was a threat. It seemed more like Rayquaza sensed that Deoxys was back up and wreaking havoc in LaRousse and tried to stop it because it couldn't tell that Deoxys wasn't actually a threat (after all, the Deoxys did battle it in the first scene) until the two Deoxys protected it from the Block Bots near the end of the movie. :/

[10/10/2009 22:35:11]

Commenting on: 10-08-09

i agree. that last comment waz weird o.0

[10/10/2009 15:47:05]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-08-09

I… don't hate Ash. o_O Hell, I like him considerably more than most fans my age, who tend to lean more towards considering him the biggest Gary-Stu known to man.

However, I am reviewing the movies as films, and the manner in which Ash is made to save the day is frequently rather forced and contrived and hurts the movies' storytelling. It has absolutely nothing to do with Ash himself or my personal opinion of him as a character; it is an issue with the script of the particular movies where I comment on it.

[10/10/2009 14:26:51]

Commenting on: 10-08-09

*cracks knuckles* Ok, that is the LAST STRAW! You can hate ash if you want to, BUT DON'T AVRITIZE IT IN YOUR REVEWS! He's one of my heros, so PLEASE don't do that!

[10/10/2009 03:39:20]

Commenting on: 10-08-09

i read it and i thought it was cool. i luv it when u overanalize! thats what makes it interestimg (:

[09/10/2009 20:05:41]

Commenting on: 10-08-09

The eighth movie is also my favorite; I am looking forward to the review. (I'm commenting too much on everything, am I not? >_<)

[09/10/2009 01:44:23]

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