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10/05/11: Fixes

It's amazing how motivating it is to not be able to work on the site. I'm going through affiliation requests, halfway through rewriting my affiliation requirements, preparing a new article and a rewrite of the Five Kinds of Content, and bursting with an uncontrollable longing to work on other stuff that I can't because my laptop is still being repaired.

But right now I'm home for a bit, so I used the opportunity to fix a couple of things that were reported the other day: what should have been Unown F in the Zodiac images was showing up as Unown A, and the third-generation Deoxys forms were being wonky in the sprite generator since I'd somehow forgotten to make the script account for the fact there was only one form per version at the time.

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spunky raichu
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how many days until fixed laptop, buttterfree? got any idea?

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