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10/05/05: Layout conversion

Well, since it appears that an overwhelming majority wants to see the new layout NOW, I will begin the site's conversion to the new layout now. A few messages to everybody:

  • The site will be converted page by page, and I might make some edits to the pages, so it might take all of today and tomorrow, during which some pages of the site will have been converted and some will not. I apologize for that.
  • All affiliates, if you are no longer on the affiliate list on the new layout, it is either because the URL wasn't working, the site appeared to have died, or it no longer fit the affiliation requirements for one reason or another. If you believe that I removed your link based on a misunderstanding, please contact me immediately.
  • In a moment I will change the name of the style cookie for the old layout, which will basically mean that all of a sudden your style will be reset. Don't worry about that and don't report it as a bug or anything; it isn't.

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