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09/30/04: Link buttons and a small fix

I've thought for a while that I kinda abused Photoshop effects in the link buttons I made a while ago, so I made yet new ones, which I'm rather satisfied with. There's one for each style, starring the style's mascot (apart from the Oldie style button, which has Charizard and Butterfree on it because the point of the Pikachu picture in the Oldie style banner is that this particular picture has been on the site since it started), and I believe they look pretty good. I've only finished the 88*31 ones so far, but I'm working on the 88*16 ones. I also put background recommendations near the buttons to tell potential linkers which buttons they should use on their particular background.

I also fixed an old, silly coding problem, not exactly a mistake, but it basically forced you to download all twelve banners for every page that you viewed, even though only one would be visible. This means that a lot of loading time has been cut off, since the banners probably take longer loading than the whole page minus the affiliate bar (which I at least had the sense to put last so that it wouldn't load until after the content)...

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