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09/28/11: No Laptop

For the benefit of those who don't follow my Twitter, I thought I should explain here that the other day my laptop started acting up just when I was going to finish the new fake Pokémon guide. It's currently being repaired, which could take about a week; don't expect anything of substance to get done in the meanwhile, as trying to access the site files from Shadey's place without my laptop would be a bother (I'm currently updating from home, but I'm barely ever home) and instead I've just been spending my time rewatching Boston Legal and reading Penn and Teller books. Maybe I can go through some affiliation requests on Shadey's laptop.

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Website: Chia
Commenting on: 09-28-11

It's too bad your laptop started acting up. Well, I can't wait to see the fake Pokémon guide. :3

[03/10/2011 09:10:43]

spunky raichu
Commenting on: 09-28-11

hey slix, poliwager is such a cute website! i hope you get to affiliate with the cave of dragonflies. i'd love a quick way to get to it from here.

[01/10/2011 02:10:59]

Website: Poliwager
Commenting on: 09-28-11

Hopefully you can get through those requests. ;D

I've been waiting patiently. :)

[01/10/2011 01:26:30]

spunky raichu
Commenting on: 09-28-11

you watch boston legal too? yay!

[28/09/2011 17:55:46]

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