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09/26/04: Pokémon Heroes

I just came back from seeing Pokémon Heroes (which was finally coming here now), dubbed in Icelandic, of course. My first reaction was: WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO TO THE VOICE ACTING?? I've often said that the Icelandic voices are good, and they were when they showed the episodes, but now they got new voice actors. Ash sounded like he was done by the same voice actor as Brock, for crying out loud, and that's saying something! That voice could so absolutely NOT belong to anybody under 30 years old. It was almost as bad as the English one, but at least I managed to get used to this one within twenty minutes, while I was still freaked by his English voice at the end of the fourth movie (which I watched in English). I don't know who did his voice in the episodes and whether it was a man or a woman, but at the very least it sounded like a boy. I mean, I know we got the fourth and fifth movies late here, but THIS can't happen to anybody's voice, even during the three or so years it's been since the third movie, especially if said person is a cartoon character who doesn't seem to have a proper age. It also sounded like they re-dubbed Pikachu into something extra-squeaky that sounded just ridiculous, and additionally they apparently thought they shouldn't freak kids by pronouncing names the English way, so I had to watch 30-year-old "(insert bad version of 'butt' here)" talk to "Totodeel", and "Ah-eh-rodactyl" firing attacks. They also seemingly got a new translator, since this one translated the "Pallet" part of Pallet Town (the old one only translated the "town" part and that came out pretty good). At least this one didn't translate half of Murkrow's name like the old one did. I kinda liked Latios and Latias' voices, but during some scenes, those repeated, high-pitched wails got annoying.

Voice acting aside, though, I liked the movie. I love Oakley (Annie got on my nerves, though) and the plot was nice. Poor Latios, though... *doesn't want to spoil for any fellow Europeans whose countries suffer from the slow-dub syndrome* Alto Mare was a cool setting too.

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