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09/24/04: Or should I say \"Day of Cubone\"?

I made a neat little addition to the site: the Zodiac. This means that right now, you should see some weird date just below the top banner, saying something about the Day of (whatever) in the Reign of (whatever), Season of the (whatever). It may just seem like pointless text as you're looking at it now, but look tomorrow and it will have changed. :) Additionally, if it happens to be your birthday, congratulations, you are born in the Day of said Pokémon. Neat, isn't it? But wait - this goes by GMT (no Daylight Savings or anything), so you'd better make sure it's your birthday over here too. Ah, well, I'm about to put up a table with the whole thing, so it doesn't matter...

Oh, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES STEAL THIS ZODIAC. Make as many zodiacs you want, as long as they're not just mine with different names, but you have NO idea how long I spent stuffing all 365 non-Legendaries into reigns and seasons to make everything somehow fit in whatever absurd ways I could think of, and additionally to write the code to convert the date into a zodiac-date. Just please.

I also put up a new one-shot story of mine called Legendary Revenge. It's rated PG-13, just to warn you.

UPDATE EDIT: I made the page explaining the Zodiac and the legend behind it.

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