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09/22/08: New Scyther Slash style

Scyther Slash style has been remade, since as with Shiny Umbreon style I didn't like it enough to remake it as a forum style in its current form. As always, the old version is still available as a deprecated style with the ID old-scyther. I like how it came out. The affiliate bar puts random spaces between the links in Internet Explorer, but I really can't be bothered to figure out what's up with that.

I guess I should hurry up and finish that new splash I'm preparing. And by the way, I hope to release that game I've been talking about on October 13th.

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Commenting on: 09-22-08

Yep there's nothing on it that interests me which is why I hate CC

[18/10/2008 15:21:54]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-22-08

Huh? Spectrum style? I haven't touched Spectrum style since it was first made; you must be thinking of something else.

[10/10/2008 00:05:50]

the guy with no username
Commenting on: 09-22-08

Is there a copy of what spectrum style looked like before it was updated somewhere? If someone could email me the link, that would be great.

[09/10/2008 23:47:34]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

The new style is rather awesome but I've chosen to stay with Celebi and Articuno for now but when it comes out in the forums I'll use it if Celebi and Articuno styles aren't back. It's still a really awesome style through.

To OOOOO…You don't like Caterpie's Corner? *stares*

Off Topic: Does anyone use or like Nidoking much. I don't really like it much. That shade of purple is not my colour.

Uxie as Spamiffier! Great a free hairnet.

[09/10/2008 08:06:47]

Website: Kirlia's Garden
Commenting on: 09-22-08

Uhh… Gcobi? How could she not have been to CC? They're affiliates. XD

But yeah. Very very very good.

[09/10/2008 03:37:57]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

I don't like caterpies corner very much

[06/10/2008 17:09:11]

Website: Glaceon's Cavern of Black Ice
Commenting on: 09-22-08

YOUR SITE IS SO COOL! Have you ever been to Caterpies Corner?

It's got some really good comments. Yeah, well, i love your site sooo much! It's on my "Favorites". :D Okay byebye! :)

~Gcobiiii **

[04/10/2008 20:20:00]

Commenting on: 09-22-08


[02/10/2008 15:14:44]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

Oh yeah…. heh…heh…

[30/09/2008 23:37:20]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

I don't know, I don't like it much sorry.

[29/09/2008 18:20:14]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

The only thing I can say is woahhh. I could say more, but that is what first comes to mind.

I recently became in love with Scyther. So, coming back to the internet and seeing my favourite site with one of my favourite Pokémon is awesome. <3

I shall stick to the Voice of the Forest style, due to my love for Pokémon4Ever (mainly Suicune in it *pokes nickname). :3

[27/09/2008 13:55:19]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-22-08

…uh, yes. Because it's not a link to the homepage in any of the other styles, and making it so would be impossible with how the banner is done in the styles. o_O

[27/09/2008 13:22:52]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

The banner at the top isn't a link to the homepage.

[27/09/2008 03:04:02]

Website: orenjipan.com
Commenting on: 09-22-08


I think it's a bit too green, though - another color couldn't really hurt. Still, I like it (although I'll stick to my favorite pink one XD)

[25/09/2008 01:51:04]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

I LOVE the new scyther style. It really gives me a scary but awesome feel to it. I'm also looking forwards to the new splash so much sometimes I just sit there refreshing. :D

From Angelcat [guess]

[24/09/2008 07:50:06]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

I think it's better than the old one. I like the new picture and font for the new banner. I also like the sightly changed slogan. I can't wait for it to come out in the forums because I like it better than all the forum styles already remade. I don't like that at the top there is quite a lot of blank green space and also the style switcher is on top of the slogan…or maybe it's just my browser…well it's really cool anyway.

From EeveeSkitty

[24/09/2008 07:47:08]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-22-08

Uh, what? How is having a Dialga style not "fair" to people who have Pearl? I did not make the Dialga style because I have Diamond or for people who have Diamond; I can't fathom why on earth you would think that. o_O

I made a Dialga style because I was making a dark blue style. If I feel like making a pale pink-purplish style, I might make it a Palkia style. Styles aren't about the Pokémon that happens to be on the banner; they're about the color scheme.

[24/09/2008 01:01:38]

Commenting on: 09-22-08


[24/09/2008 00:36:57]

Commenting on: 09-22-08

Eh, I still like the Dialga Style. You should really make a Palkia won to be fair to the people with Pearl instead of Diamond. -_-

The new Scyther is cool, though.

[24/09/2008 00:36:31]

Emerald Espeon
Commenting on: 09-22-08

I myself prefer the old Scyther style over the new one, but the new one still looks great :D

Lugia for the spammifier.

[23/09/2008 20:13:08]

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