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09/21/05: New chapter and stuff-in-progress

I'm making a new layout.

*hears audience gasp* Yup, it's true. I just randomly decided, "Hey, my site has ugly, messy HTML. I should redo it." So now a new layout is in the works, which will for example make the menu stretch if you adjust the font size on your browser, make the Cave of Dragonflies logo have text to replace it if images are turned off, and allow much more freedom for me in making styles. Fwee. As a side note, though, this will take a while as I'll have to completely remake the stylesheets for all the styles, so don't like expect it tomorrow or something.

I'm also making a guide to reviewing fanfiction, which should be up pretty soon unless I randomly lose inspiration for it, and lastly, I've written chapter 27 of The Quest for the Legends.

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