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09/20/09: Honey Trees

The Destiny Deoxys review is in progress, but meanwhile, enjoy the new section about honey trees. It is both a practical guide and a mechanical explanation. It is also actually correct, unlike every other attempt to explain honey trees on the Internet at the time of writing (since those that had gotten it almost right had made one silly mistake and one understandable oversight that resulted in the claim that, for instance, Heracross appears 28% of the time in Platinum, which anyone who has ever slathered a honey tree will know is laughably incorrect). Hope it's helpful and/or interesting to somebody other than me.

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Commenting on: 09-20-09

um, i think u should check this fossil guy on your wall of shame. hes been leaving reeally mean comments in his comment box! ):

[29/09/2009 23:50:00]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

nice! unfortunetly, (excuse the spelling) no matter how many trees i water, i cannot find a muchlax. but i will keep trying! (:

[29/09/2009 23:30:28]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

… I found a Munchlax and two Heracross on my fourth ever round-trip slathering last night. o.o

[28/09/2009 14:17:27]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

haha, thats ok. hmm…. i can usaully find something interesting to say but i cant think of anything… not that its bad, but i cant think of anything to say right now. hmm… maybe later.

[27/09/2009 05:53:10]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

I love this section, It helped ALOT. Also, i actually found a Munchlax in one of my trees. :P

[24/09/2009 23:44:39]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

Oh, that's too bad. You've very good at spriting.

[24/09/2009 21:56:34]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-20-09

I can't exactly update them when I haven't made any new ones. :/ I don't sprite much anymore.

[23/09/2009 22:23:12]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

nice! hmmmm….. well i cant think of anything very interesting to say on this one, but maybe u should update ur pokemon sprites sometime (:

[23/09/2009 19:46:06]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-20-09

I actually added in a bit on slathering the same tree multiple times earlier today, but haven't uploaded it yet; slathering again simply overrides the previous slathering and resets the timer. There is no compounded effect; once you slather for the second time, it's as if you'd never slathered the tree for the first time.

I actually think it's not that hard to remember to check the honey trees if you do slather all of them; when you've spent ten or fifteen minutes doing something like that, it's a lot harder to forget you did it. But I suppose it might be nice to have something more on that. Hmm.

[23/09/2009 00:51:01]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

Thank you so much for this guide; it'll be really helpful for completing my Pokédex.

If you'd could mention the mechianics on slathering more honey on to a honey tree before six hours pass, (which I'm not quite sure if it does anything other than waste money, or if it prolongs the amount of time you're able to reach the honey tree, I haven't tested it.) Also any tips that you've find helpful for remembering to check the honey trees. That would be greatly appreciated. If you'd rather not, or find those two things not important enough to write about that's fine, too.

But thank you, yet again for a wonderful section that's quite helpful.

[22/09/2009 23:37:46]

Commenting on: 09-20-09

Sweet. This is one of the things that I'll probably never really use but I now feel empowered with. <3

[22/09/2009 00:38:06]

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