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09/16/06: @_@

It's half past six AM and I'm still awake.

And it's all because I was having ideas for this site.

Okay, what I did: I first updated the Pokémon Sprite Generator so that it will now never generate two of the same Pokémon anymore.

Then I finished chapter five of the IALCOTN version of The Quest for the Legends.

Then I remembered I had yet to put up Charmander's character bio that I had been making.

Then I started to edit the script behind the whole Quest for the Legends minipage, initially just to add information about Charmander's bio as an existing section, but then I realized that it was written in sloppy code and pretty much rewrote the whole thing. It still does exactly the same thing, so you won't notice it, but I did, and spent ages on that despite knowing nobody would know of it because I'm a perfectionist.

And then I suddenly happened to look at the Ouen Map and had this freaky idea that, you know, maybe I could add some information about each location. And then I spent about six hours coding that and making up the location descriptions.

But hey, it was worth it. It looks awesome, at least in browsers that can handle it, and the location info is fun. Fwee.

And then I remembered that you had voted by a large majority that I should place a direct link to the Quest for the Legends minipage on the menu and yet I never did, so I did now. It's the very bottommost link.

So yeah, mostly a ficcy update.

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