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Commenting on: 09-14-12

I'm actually in the middle of a variation of the scramble challenge, in which people pick your team for you. In this version, instead of it being completely up to someone else, you make a list of your favorite Pokemon, six of each type, and someone picks out six types they want you to train. The order listed determines which Pokemon you get. For example, if you were given Fire, Water, Grass, Ghost, Dark, and Psychic, you use your favorite Fire-type, second favorite Water-type, and so on.

I had chosen beforehand to try this challenge in my Black version, and ended up having the incredible misfortune of not getting any Unova Pokemon. So I chose to trade my Oshawott for Totodile as soon as possible, and then gradually trade for the rest of my team over the course of the game.

[20/09/2012 04:37:08]

Commenting on: 09-14-12

Thank you! I love that section, and I'm glad to see it updated! (redundancy…)

[15/09/2012 03:35:25]

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