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09/12/08: New Dragon Sprites

Thunderyu, Volcaryu and Polaryu have been updated with the new D/P-style scratch sprites that I made recently on the fake Pokémon page.

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Commenting on: 09-12-08

wow, cool sprites, Butterfree! =3

[21/09/2008 12:04:24]

Commenting on: 09-12-08

Veeerry nice Thunderyu there.

[14/09/2008 17:44:22]

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Commenting on: 09-12-08

Nice sprites. Volcaryu's sprite, in my opinion, is the best.

[13/09/2008 21:59:40]

Commenting on: 09-12-08

Whoa. Nice sprites. =D

Polaryu certainly changed quite]/i] a bit.

[13/09/2008 04:46:39]

Ian of the Plusle
Commenting on: 09-12-08

Nice new element dragon sprites =o

[12/09/2008 22:01:18]

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