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09/11/06: Here's that update finally.

...o_O *inches away from poll results* Guess not.

Yeah, what I was trying to do and promising to finish more than a week ago has now finally been done: the sections that have sub-sections (such as "Hall of Fame" and "Orre") will now have a little popup menu à la Axe-Murderer style when you hover over them, allowing you to go to the sub-sections in one click without further cluttering up the menu. You honestly have no idea just how long it took to get that stupid thing working in Opera. Additionally, I could not humanly find a way to make it work in Internet Explorer without major complications. It does work fine in the latest versions of Firefox, Opera and Netscape, although Netscape 7.1 appears to have major problems with even the ordinary popup navigation in Axe-Murderer style, and both Netscape 7.1 and 8 have an uncanny love for inserting random gaps between the menu items in all the stretching styles (ironically, only on the "Display like Firefox" setting; the "Display like Internet Explorer" one has no gaps, but of course no popups either). I figured that if Internet Explorer users have lived with the two clicks until now, it shouldn't matter so much that they still need to live with it now. Others, well, enjoy the shortcut.

So yeah, the delays were Opera and Internet Explorer's fault, not mine. *points an accusing fingers at browsers*

The other thing I did was revamp the Marquee of Doom, which now does work in Opera, looks spiffier and isn't as hackish. It's unfortunately also faster so it takes a lot less time to run through. I added a little more text to it, but it's still much shorter. Oh, well - good for you. Try it while you still can, because I'm going to add more text to it tomorrow.

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