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09/03/08: Pokédex Checklist

Here's the Pokédex Checklist, which will get you the most efficient method of obtaining a member of every evolution line you don't yet have. I did a lot of stuff by hand in that thing, so don't be alarmed if I made some silly mistakes. Also, the information for Feebas could be wrong at the moment; I'm looking into it myself for some good data right now.

What is it with me and lazing around all summer only to suddenly start churning out huge and important sections when school has started again? It's a fairly consistent trend in the history of the site, and yet it makes no logical sense. The mind boggles.

UPDATE EDIT (09/06/08): Right, so when I originally made this update I wasn't able to upload it because my computer refused to connect to the server. Eventually it turned out the problem was ZoneAlarm Pro, which incidentally does not work with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and thus has given me a world of trouble before. And when I tried to uninstall it, it froze my computer. Fun. But now that I did get rid of it, here's the update at last.

FURTHER UPDATE EDIT (also 09/06/08): I just realized I made two very silly mistakes with the Pokédex checklist that I really should have noticed in those three days of having it all to myself. Oops. They've been fixed now. If you generated your list already, be aware that there might in fact be a better method than the one you were given after all.

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Commenting on: 09-03-08

For some reason, Volbeat and Illumise are listed as the same family, but the Nidos are not. Any particular reason?

[10/09/2008 03:46:20]

Commenting on: 09-03-08

Pure pwnage. This checklist rocks.

SO HELPFUL :D Now I know where Poliwhirl is :)

[10/09/2008 01:37:46]

Commenting on: 09-03-08

where is the epic game

[07/09/2008 23:29:12]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-03-08

Uh, because… you have to trade to get them. o_O Usually, that is. I mean, the most convenient method to get an event legendary you don't have is not "Wait until there is an event in your general area that's giving it out", that's for sure. What else should it say?

[07/09/2008 15:46:37]

The guy with no username
Commenting on: 09-03-08

Why does it say "Trade" for the last few legendaries, like Darkrai? Shroomish for the spammifier.

[07/09/2008 14:59:16]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-03-08

Good idea. :3 I stuck two buttons on there.

[06/09/2008 22:00:54]

Ultimate Pikachu
Commenting on: 09-03-08

The Checklist is awesome, although it could use a SELECT ALL function.

[06/09/2008 21:36:23]

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