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08/31/11: She lives

Just popping in for the month of August to say I'm not dead and two things should be coming Very Soon™: a new longer-than-usual Morphic extra (it's seven pages so far and just past the 'climax', so expect it sometime in the next few days once I've gotten it to end and given it some polishing), and the new fake Pokémon guide (I've just finished the portion about moves, which has been holding me back a bit since I like to work on this on the bus to and from university/work where I don't have internet, and for that bit I needed to look up a bunch of examples).

Also sorry for all the affiliation requests that have gone unanswered for a while. Last time I was working on them I got distracted adding to Sections that Suck and I never picked up on it afterwards, but I'll try to get to it soon.

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Commenting on: 08-31-11

Nothing happened to the other comments; there are no other comments on the update you were commenting on. When you comment on an update you see the comment page for that update, containing only the update comments. If you want to go back to the guestbook, which also contains all the update comments, there is a "Guestbook" link at the top.

[01/09/2011 00:01:25]

spunky raichu
Commenting on: 08-31-11

WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS?! guess ill have to fill the void myself. someone please comment. im lonely. no wait, i have the fake cheats section to keep me company. never mind!

[31/08/2011 23:48:05]

spunky raichu
Commenting on: 08-31-11

good to know youre not dead,butterfree. i was just thinking, when is that girl gonna update something or prove she hasnt left us? lol. please add more fake cheats. theyre supa funny.

[31/08/2011 23:43:05]

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