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Commenting on: 08-29-09

Nice review, your squeaking rant made me laugh XD

[31/08/2009 20:39:37]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-29-09

Hm, good point. I should take another look at the race scene.

Since I've always been a Pokémon game fan, I define legendaries according to the games, and since Latias and Latios are one-of-a-kind, have high stats, appear towards the end of the Pokédex and can't breed, yes, they're legendaries. I just like to ignore the anime when it puts multiple legendaries of the same species unless I can explain it away somehow, like in the fourth movie.

[31/08/2009 07:19:26]

Caldazar Atreides
Commenting on: 08-29-09

Well, I must say that I really enjoy your movie reviews. It's nice to get an opinion of a Pokemon movie that is not simply stated as "it's a Pokemon movie."

That said, there was one quibble I noticed concerning Latios' hostility toward Ash when he entered the garden. It could just be a different interpretation of events on my part, but I want you to hear what I think.

During the race, it seemed as if Latias was the only one who wanted to get involved. Latios was always following behind her, watching over her in that big brother manner. When he got involved in the race, it seemed as if he was trying to pull her away and out of a crowded area a) because he grabbed her and not the rope, and b) it was only after Latios grabbed her that they made that wrong turn. This makes Latios out as the over-protected older brother, who would naturally be more than a little unwelcome when an outsider like Ash enters their sanctuary without his knowing. He even appeared to chastize Latias when she saved Ash the first time (from crashing into the wall).

I laughed when you wondered if Ash charges head-on into solid objects in every movie, because I had never thought about that. It's just his style. It's stupid (because it never works), but that's the way he is.

Also, I'm wondering if you consider Latios and Latias as Legendaries knowing that there are more than one of each?

[31/08/2009 04:12:36]

Commenting on: 08-29-09

This movie review deal is superb, it's refreshing to have new content showing up. I've also seen things differently and smiled a lot. Great job.

[30/08/2009 19:17:12]

Commenting on: 08-29-09

Nice review.

[30/08/2009 14:51:23]

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