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08/29/04: Sugimori art! Whee!

Well, I've been saying over and over again that I would make the banners on the styles each star a different Pokémon, but I never bothered drawing a Scyther or Arcanine (and for that matter, they'd probably have looked greatly messed up). So since I've got all the new Sugimori art (official art) on my computer, I decided just to put them on the banners instead. Of course, I don't know whether you like the change at all, so please vote in the Almighty Random Poll below.

I also made Snow style a bit lighter in the process; now the background is white.

UPDATE EDIT: I went through the affiliate list and changed some links and removed a few, whether they weren't the sites I actually agreed to affiliate with, had been hacked or just weren't working. Pikapi.net is down, but I think it has happened before so I didn't remove them.

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