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08/27/08: HTML Guide

The new HTML guide is up. It is insanely long and detailed, but it's well worth it if it gets people to make div layouts and use valid HTML.

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Commenting on: 08-27-08

Now if only you woul put up that Fanfiction: Writing Guide

[03/09/2008 05:14:48]

Commenting on: 08-27-08


Finally! I've been waiting YEARS for your HTML guide! =D

Thanks, Butterfree.


[30/08/2008 10:54:32]

Commenting on: 08-27-08

Wow, that's long. Updating spree! -^^-

[29/08/2008 00:50:42]

Emerald Espeon
Commenting on: 08-27-08

Woo, first comment :D

Anyways, I read some of it. It helped :D So thanks :P

[27/08/2008 19:29:36]

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