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08/25/09: Spell of the Unown

And the third movie review is now up too. I don't like the synopsis as much as for the other movies, because the movie is generally good but I didn't feel like overanalyzing it as much as the first movie, but at least the The Good and The Bad sections are longer and better and probably more interesting.

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Dr Frank
Commenting on: 08-25-09

This review takes me back to the time when I didn't know what internet was and lived in the middle of a jungle. Then, I barely knew anything about Pokémon, and still found a deep connection when I saw this movie. It only pains me to know I'll never be able to see this movie, or any other Pokémon movie for that matter, ever again.

More relevantly, I find this review quite good. It (the movie) was certainly more different and original than the previous two. I especially liked the way the animation had changed and that how crystals (and other effects) were created. Thanks for the forgotten memories, Butterfree!

P.S. I really liked the Unown. I was pretty sure that they had a motive. They just seemed to have a motive. Just that it was hidden somewhere, lurking behind the shadows.

[26/08/2009 17:09:45]

Commenting on: 08-25-09

(Sweet,a Groudon!)

I adore Team Rocket. They're a riot, tearing down the forth wall simply because they have nothing better to do. And now I have the hankering to go find the version of the movie you watched.

[26/08/2009 16:06:02]

Commenting on: 08-25-09

Yet another great review. Also, I think that the lady in the credits was Molly's original mother, confirmed or not. If I remember the scene correctly (and I've seen the movie loads of times), Molly glances up, looks surprised yet happy, and runs over to her, giving her a huge hug. If this lady had been a new mother, she probably had to have reacted differently. If she had seen her before she probably wouldn't have been surprised, and if she hadn't she certainly wouldn't have given her a big hug. That whole scene screamed "meeting someone you love but haven't seen in a long time" to me. I could be wrong, of course, but that's my opinion.

[26/08/2009 09:59:55]

Commenting on: 08-25-09

Dragonfree, TV Tropes is ruining your life.

On a somewhat more relevant note, this is really making me want to watch the third movie. For some reason, I never paid much attention to it, and now I wonder what I've been missing.

[26/08/2009 08:37:31]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-25-09

As KyuuFox said, apparently the "Unown have to do with wife's disappearance" thing was made up for the dub and was a change from the original story. Though I don't remember any mention of what he claims is the Japanese backstory at all. :/

Dogasu's comparison also says that Team Rocket's entire role is completely rewritten, so I'm not surprised I don't remember the thing about having a bigger role in the next movie. :P It's a fun addition, though.

[25/08/2009 22:10:11]

Commenting on: 08-25-09

Your other movie reviews for some reason made me want to go and watch the third movie a few days ago, so I have a couple of vague comments (bearing in mind that it was the English dub I watched, so yeah).

I seem to remember it being mentioned/hinted at at some point that the reason Professor Hale was researching the Unown in the first place was because he thought they were related to his wife's disappearance - in other words, Molly's mother was also zapped into an alternate dimension by the Unown. This led me to the conclusion that the woman in the credits sequence really was Molly's mother, having been sent back into reality just like her father, making it a rather adorable Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

The other thing is that, during one of Team Rocket's unimportant scenes, Meowth had a line where he wondered if they'd have a bigger role in the next movie, which I found to be a rather hilarious lampshade on the fact that they'd done nothing at all in this one. xP

[25/08/2009 21:25:41]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-25-09

That's not really relevant to my point. Yes, they are mysterious, but because they are so mysterious, their actions in the movie, if you can even call them actions, make no coherent sense. That is a handwave akin to the "God moves in mysterious ways" defense. :/

[25/08/2009 20:09:17]

Commenting on: 08-25-09

I think you were being a bit overly critical of the Unknown in your "The Bad" section. They are "unknown", after all.

[25/08/2009 19:20:05]

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