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08/24/09: Morphic chapter 11

Chapter 11 of Morphic is up. It took me less than two months to write a chapter of Morphic? Gasp! But yeah. It was written in pretty much a one-day writing spree, is pretty short (six pages, although Morphic's chapters are rarely very long), and feels even shorter than it actually is because it's only two "scenes", but I hope readers enjoy it anyway. It's got Mia in it. And a conversation about birthdays.

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Commenting on: 08-24-09

…Damn. Pretend that was for the update for chapter four, if you'd please.

[25/08/2009 22:03:29]

Commenting on: 08-24-09

That was awesome, I really can't wait for more. It's getting so interesting! *rereads chapter*

[25/08/2009 20:19:46]

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Commenting on: 08-24-09

Uh, it's been his name since chapter four. o_O

[25/08/2009 01:02:56]

Commenting on: 08-24-09

Come ON, Butterfree! Must MY name be the bad guy's name?

Although I must say that I find it clever that you used a bible-type name. It's little things like this that make me love your writing.

[25/08/2009 00:24:30]

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