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08/22/17: Type Filtering

I've added filtering by type to the Favorite Pokémon Picker, by popular demand. In the process, I also made several other refinements:

  • It's now easily possible for casual users to finish sorting every single Pokémon in the available list (since with the generation and type filters you can end up with quite a short list), so I actually made the interface account for that, explain that you've finished and let you reset, instead of everything just locking up suddenly.
  • Somewhat similarly, I made it so that in those (previously rare) situations where you would previously have been given one single Pokémon which you had to pick (at which point it would automatically go into your Found Favorites), it'll automatically figure it out and just add that Pokémon to your list too. This is functionally identical, just less confusing interface-wise.
  • You can now uncheck every generation/type, and it will just show a notice explaining that no Pokémon fit your criteria. Previously, it somewhat clumsily just didn't let you uncheck the last box.
  • Alongside all this, I also significantly refactored some of the code in order to make it a bit more robust and easier to add more options in the future.

As with any significant code restructuring, it's possible there are bugs; I've tested it a fair bit, but as always, if you spot any odd behaviour, please let me know.

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