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08/18/08: Water!

I've put up that parallel section to the D/P Locations, the counterpart for fishing and surfing. I've been toying with the idea of a tool that basically gives you a checklist where you check Pokémon you have yet to obtain and it gives you a printable list of where to go to get all those Pokémon (perhaps sorted by method - here's everything you can get by fishing, here's the stuff you get by surfing, this you have to trade for, and this you can get by using the PokéRadar). Like half of all the game sections on this site, it would be made because I'd love to have something like that myself now that I'm in a random burst of completing my Diamond Pokédex. Any thoughts?

No, that game I've been talking about is not forgotten. I've been plotting it out. It is going to be epic. Epic.

(Incidentally, I've been working on the HTML guide too. You know, the one I took down for revision a few years ago. And also incidentally, I put up chapter 43 of The Quest for the Legends a couple of days ago. And I'm working on a new style. If you could not tell, I'm trying to convince you that despite not having updated in what's nearing three weeks, it does not make me lazy. Make of that what you will.)

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Commenting on: 08-18-08

Not many people will like nidoking, but you can replace it with Shiny Umbreon or just bring it back.

[25/08/2008 09:50:01]

Drifloon Rocks
Website: None
Commenting on: 08-18-08

That feature would be great! I can't wait for it's release. It's going to be so helpful! =)

[25/08/2008 03:12:24]

Zeta Reticuli
Commenting on: 08-18-08

Stop TORTURING me and get this game up already. :0

[22/08/2008 16:52:23]

Commenting on: 08-18-08

This website is awesome! Hellfire background is awesome! Woo-hoo! Go baby!

[21/08/2008 17:38:23]

Commenting on: 08-18-08

The Marquee of Doom… i got disturbed but believe, i made it to the end. The host of this website, i don't know whats his/her name, he said there was an award at the end. Please, you should have showed it at the end.

[21/08/2008 17:36:23]

Ross Epling (aka NiGHtsBeta09)
Website: The Darkness, Home of NiGHtsBeta09
Commenting on: 08-18-08

Oh, yeah! Yes on the checklist, I remembered! It sounds like a good idea, and good luck on the 'Dex!!

I looked at the post under me, or signature, or whatever it's called!

[20/08/2008 05:38:58]

Ross Epling (aka NiGHtsBeta09)
Website: The Darkness, Home of NiGHtsBeta09
Commenting on: 08-18-08

I have no idea why I am writing this, but I like the styles you have! Bring back Shiny Umbreon!!!!! Please!!!!!

Sorry. Anyway, Butterfree, check out my site! Some of my sprites are there, inspired by your spriting guide!! Anyway, I don't know if I wanted to comment for a reason or not… I'm tired…. Anyway, bye, and yes, I know I'm weird! ;-P

[20/08/2008 05:37:17]

Commenting on: 08-18-08

Yes on the check list. Right now I've been using a poster for a checklist.

[19/08/2008 20:33:56]

Commenting on: 08-18-08

Wow, this is a big update =D I think the checklist is an awesome idea. It would help those lazy people too lazy to do it themselves, aka me xD

Whoo, Arceus for spammifier ^^

[19/08/2008 18:33:52]

Commenting on: 08-18-08

I think that checklist thing would be a really good idea. Go for it!

[19/08/2008 15:13:18]

Dragon Tamer
Commenting on: 08-18-08

Good luck with the Dex where abouts guide. It's an awesome idea. x3

[19/08/2008 04:42:36]

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