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Commenting on: 08-17-09

I love your review. Now I don't feel half as terrible about liking this movie as much as I do! x3

[19/08/2009 23:59:46]

Commenting on: 08-17-09

Excuse me. I meant to say that I'd never look at the movie the same again, especially Mewtwo.

Oh, and for the sake of sake, guess who got a shiny Cressila as their Spam Pokemon! (Which I spelt wrong and is now a Shelgon)

[18/08/2009 22:37:50]

Commenting on: 08-17-09

Yay! I always liked the deepness of Mewtwo, even though the English dub just turned him into "the bad guy who wants to destroy everything just because he's EBIL". =/ Anyway, yay for movie reviews!

[18/08/2009 17:13:41]

Jeffrey Krueger
Commenting on: 08-17-09

Interesting review. The transformation of Mewtwo may not be all that unbelievable. Mewtwo would see the devotion to Ash as weakness and such emmense devotion (love) does in fact prove to be more powerful than Mewtwo's power as it does revive Ash. If weakness is powerful then Mewtwo would be rocked to the core. Without time to assimilate, he must accept (at least temporarily) that Ash & Pikachu's premise that they all are valuable is true.

So it is not that large of a stretch. The biggest flaw is the lack of set-up for the actual revival of Ash.(and his beignturned to stone).

[18/08/2009 17:03:55]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-17-09

What about the anime? As far as I can tell I didn't say anything about the anime in that review. I psychoanalyze Mewtwo, sure, but he doesn't ever appear in the actual anime, to my knowledge, so… :P

[18/08/2009 03:42:18]

Commenting on: 08-17-09

…I-I'll never look at the anime the same again.

Thanks anyway, Dragonfree.

[18/08/2009 02:08:16]

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