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08/15/06: Ah, it's good to be back.

So yeah. I had fun in Australia and such.

Now, what I did? I went through my e-mail and read all the starred e-mails I've been too lazy to do anything about until now or which I received while on the vacation (i.e. a lot of e-mails). Now I should have put up everybody's fanart, fanfics, Hall of Fame entries, BabelFishions and affiliate buttons. Now, if you sent me something and I still have not put it up, you need to contact me again, okay? I'll try not to be lazy in the future.

The chapter of The Quest for the Legends has not yet been revised, so that's not up at the site yet, sorry.

Now, do the crossword. Scyther commands you. And in relation to that, there is a new Almighty Random Poll.

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