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08/13/12: Evasion Correction

After further research and testing for the new battle mechanics section, I've made a correction to the Stat Stages section's treatment of accuracy and evasion; what I was describing as the current interplay between the two was only how it worked in G/S/C, and R/S/E nerfed them again by essentially combining them into one stat stage for the purposes of accuracy checks. This has been on UPC for years, but I'd forgotten about it, and making sure they had accuracy/evasion right was obviously not among Smogon's top priorities. If you've been planning your awesome Sand-Attack/Double Team combo after reading the page as it was, I'm afraid I have to shatter your dreams; they'll still have a 33% chance of hitting you.

The battle mechanics page is still in progress. It's around 6500 words right now; I've covered all the concepts and turn order, am doing the part about accuracy checks (hence the correction now), and have yet to write the sections on critical hits, damage calculation and secondary effects. I expect it'll be done sometime this week or next week at the latest.

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