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08/11/14: New Affiliation and Contact Pages

I've rewritten the affiliation and contact pages, now with 99% less tangential ranting about things that annoyed teenage me. Thanks to BLURSH for pointing out how incredibly unnecessarily lengthy and irritable they were and getting me to do something about it.

I'm in the process of doing 1) rewrites of all the website advice sections, since they also suffer from being unnecessarily irritated about everything, 2) that thing with graphs in the R/B/Y capture mechanics that I was talking about, and 3) a revamped version of the What Type Are You? quiz, which I've decided on questions and arranged the results for but still need to write descriptions and make result images for. (I'm still also planning to make a completely new personality test, but that one's still in the planning stages.)

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Commenting on: 08-11-14

I liked the ranting! Although I completely understand wanting to have it removed. Maybe you could make a rant section, if one doesn't already exist.

[21/09/2014 05:58:15]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-11-14

Not sure why you made this comment on this post, but my top 25 according to the picker are Charizard, Butterfree, Scyther, Dialga, Yveltal, Grovyle, Raikou, Ninetales, Electrike, Articuno, Flygon, Dragonair, Joltik, Leafeon, Vulpix, Misdreavus, Froslass, Absol, Quilava, Haunter, Hydreigon, Glaceon, Zekrom, Galvantula and Espeon.

[29/08/2014 15:55:30]

Commenting on: 08-11-14

Would you mind if you could show us your favorites?

[19/08/2014 05:09:12]

Website: Stareon's Hideout
Commenting on: 08-11-14

Looking good, Butterfree!! Especially the contact page! What a difference!!! :D

[12/08/2014 19:37:07]

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