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08/10/07: Byebye.

And I came to the conclusion that fixing the dropdowns in IE was impossible, so I just inserted a conditional comment to remove them altogether for IE. Sorry. Of course, they still work in proper browsers.

So in this moment of deletion, I went on a general deletion-spree in accordance with the poll results. I took down the Fan Art and Fan Fiction sections (specifically, I took them off the menu; your artwork and stories are all still accessible at their previous locations, however), put up a new Fan Fiction section with only my stuff in it, decided that I really didn't think the Quest for the Legends minipage belonged on the main menu anymore since I now even have a special page for my own fanfiction and there is no need to egotrip my fics any further, removed the Submit Fanwork section since it's not going to be needed anymore, modified the Fake Cheats and Babelfished sections to be less encouraging towards submissions (although I am still as ready as always to put something up there if it's pure genius), and then for good measure deleted the Parodies section too because it was dumb and not funny at all.

To replace it, there is now a section about in-game humour in the Pokémon games, which I hope everybody else who loves the way the Pokémon games don't take themselves seriously will help me expand because I know there are so many things I forgot.

And since there is no need for the previous poll anymore, there is now a new Site Poll as well.

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796 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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