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08/10/04: Backiness.

I'm baaaaaack! Celebrate and throw confetti. Now, for anybody remotely interested in how Greece was, there's the next paragraph. Anybody else can skip past it.

Anyway, we went to Greece through Copenhagen, and because of the Olympics, apparently all the baggage going to Athens was carefully checked. Now, when they found the book Practical Cryptography in our bag, they apparently decided that it was suspicious and keept it for a background check of our criminal records or something, meaning that we had to live with our carry-on luggage for the first three days (luckily my Gameboy Advance was there so I didn't get Pokémon withdrawal symptoms). That also meant that we had to live with the clothes we had on, which were kinda more designed for an Icelandic summer than a Greek one. Basically, I was sweating into the same WAY too thick clothes for those three days (and because our swimsuits were in the bag too, we had to watch that swimming pool, unable to jump into it). Also, my nose decided to protest the changes in air pressure by starting to bleed randomly on the first two days, which was a nightmare (that really nice Greek who owns the house we were renting even cooked a dinner for us, and while we were eating I got a heavy nosebleed on the tablecloth). Anyway, then we finally got the bag, with Practical Cryptography not where we left it, and went into the swimming pool. Well, then days passed by, I now have seven level 100 Pokémon (Sceptile, Manectric, Absol, Gardevoir, Shedinja, Milotic and Flygon) and I'm currently filling up my Pokédex on Sapphire as far as I can get, we went to Athens (which I dubbed 'The City of Cats') and got stalked by restaurant owners while we were trying to find a decent one, I stood on Akropoli, turned my back on the Parthenon and watched four cute little cats (told ya it was the city of cats) who were sleeping there. We listened to Pink Floyd all the time and while we were watching Matchstick men, the biggest spider I've ever seen with my own eyes (it wasn't absolutely huge, mind you; the spiders over here are just so small I haven't seen much before) started crawling across the ceiling, resulting in a big chase between Dad, armed with some insect spray, and the spider, which always managed to hide so most of the insect spray ended up behing inhaled by us. In the end, Dad sucked the spider up with a hand vaccum cleaner and left it outside, fearing that it might not be dead, and we continued to watch the movie. Then Mom got the creeps again upon discovering what looked like an even bigger spider on a windowsill-type of thing (hard to explain), apparently dead, but it turned out to be a toy some kid had thrown up there. I don't remember anything else interesting at the moment, and this is getting way too long anyway. Oh, yeah, I got a trillion mosquito bites, and because I never get a tan (not that I want it) I'm now white with red spots. How extremely fun...

And now I'm all inspired because I've been unable to update for so long that suddenly I want to update as much as I can, so let's look at the poll results...

Well, the one person who voted giving the R/B/Y Pokédex and shrine another font is going to get his/her will first, ironically enough, because the more I think about it, the more I'm bothered by the fact that the whole thing is written in huge Comic Sans. I thought Courier was kinda stylish for a collection of data, so Courier it is for the Pokédex. Doesn't look too bad in my opinion; Courier is a plain type of font that fits with raw data that has no personality. The shrine is going to have a major makeover, of course including the font and everything else; I decided that if people do want a raw collection of data for these Pokémon, they'll look in the Pokédexes.

Yep, lots of updates coming soon. Promise. Oh, and thanks for the 200,000 hits! It's only been six and a half months since it was 100,000, and only two and a half since it was 150,000 (meaning that we can assume that in about two months, it'll hit 250,000). Whoa...

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724 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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