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08/09/16: New Poll

Day two! So far the transition seems to have gone decently; I've made several bugfixes since yesterday, but nothing catastrophic. Thanks to everyone who's submitted error reports so far!

I figured it's more than time for a new Almighty Random Poll, so there's a new one about, guess what, Pokémon Go. I hope you aren't too tired of hearing about it yet because I am planning on making a couple of pages on it. But just a couple.

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The last modified date is actually just the last modified date of the page template - so, since the poll results page template hasn't changed since February, it'll say that for every poll. Might be a smidge confusing for dynamic pages like the poll results, but that's what's going on there.

[09/08/2016 20:08:52]

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The poll results page says "Page last modified February 5 2016 at 20:02 GMT". Is that an error?

[09/08/2016 19:57:01]

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