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08/09/07 (2): Effort Point stuff, yay.

Mweehee. I managed, after some coding headaches, to make a script (after manually compiling a plaintext list of the effort points given by each Pokémon) that automatically added the effort points given for each Pokémon and trainer in the VS Seeker section. :3 And of course, then I added a subsection to it with good "EV Trainers", i.e. good trainers to battle for Effort Points in each stat. Fwee. And of course, this is what the D/P VS Seeker will be like when I get around to making it, too. Except I don't think I'll ever be able to get screenshots of every trainer's location there considering there's no easy way to play a ROM of the game and it would be all icky with inconsistent lighting, so I think I'll leave that part out.

I guess I'll let the poll run at least overnight. Thanks for understanding my frustration.

And now to try to figure out what the heck is up with those drop-down menus in IE7...

Oh, yeah. 1,250,000 front page hits. :3 I was trying to draw a splash earlier, but it looked stupid. I'll make another attempt later.

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