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08/06/05: Uh oh...

Hmm, this is more serious than I thought... I still don't have access to the internet outside of my own site, and it's clear that nobody can access my site either since the hit counter isn't rising at all. @_@ I just hope Nidokingu isn't tearing his hair out in worry.

Well, looking on the bright side, this allowed me to finish a great one-shot which will actually be a Quest for the Legends extra (sorry, it won't be up until after chapter 27), experiment with how it would be possible to make an image-based style for the site in pure CSS, finish the IALCOTN version of chapter two of The Quest for the Legends, make up a whole new Quest for the Legends minipage from scratch, and start remaking the HTML guide (which is therefore temporarily down). My internet access should be cut more often; it really gets me to work.

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