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08/05/05: I bet you want an explanation now...

Well. I was on vacation in Switzerland (and a bit of Sweden and Denmark), but somehow I managed to forget to update the site about it. Nidokingu announced it at the forums and I managed to get on to post in the guestbook and stuff a bit while I was there, but for anybody who hasn't been checking that stuff, well, I'm back now. Another reason I'm updating is that I promised to tell Nidokingu when I was back, but I can't seem to be able to access anything outside of Iceland right now (stupid internet connection) so this is the only place I can write anything at all.

Well, I've been thinking of lots of stuff to put on the site when I get around to it, so expect some updates soon. Right now I'm going to write down this one-shot I was writing on paper on the plane and then just go to bed. (Darn, now I've gotten used to Swiss keyboards that switch the z and y keys.)

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