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08/04/09: More Stuff

First, I added the Pokémon Center trainers and Battleground rematches to the Platinum Vs. Seeker like I promised. Then I happened to go and update the Fun Facts; at first it was just to add some notes to the top in response to a number of recent attempts to submit more facts for it, but then I ended up restructuring the entire page to split it into sections and adding a couple of new ones.

I have a series of new sections planned, by the way, with the first mostly written and hopefully coming up soon. They're going under "Pokémon" on the menu and will have their own submenu. And speaking of submenus, I went and enabled those for Internet Explorer 8, since it can actually handle them correctly unlike the previous incarnations of IE. This then also got me to actually happen to look at Spectrum style in IE 8 and realize that the menu looked severely messed up, which I managed to fix pretty easily in a way generally beneficial to the style's previously rather hacked together CSS. Of course, then I discover that the submenus in Spectrum style don't appear to work in Opera for no apparent reason, throw my hands up and give up trying to be cross-browser.

(Yes, I'm trying to make up for the sad lack of updates in June and July. :<)

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Commenting on: 08-04-09

Um, insult it? Where did I insult it? I think it's one of my better styles. If you mean my "rather hacked-together CSS" comment, that's about the CSS, which if you don't know what that is refers to the coding of the style. Which was rather hacked together, but that's quite unrelated to the merits of the actual style.

[12/08/2009 22:07:33]

Don't insult it
Commenting on: 08-04-09

Don't insult my favorite style.

[12/08/2009 21:04:19]

Commenting on: 08-04-09

I had already noticed about the menus a long time ago, but I thought it was part of the skin :P Well, I use Mew style, so it doesn't really affect me anyway.

[08/08/2009 18:40:33]

Commenting on: 08-04-09

I'm using Opera, and having just switched to Spectrum Style I can't spot anything wrong with the menus… o_O

[06/08/2009 20:36:45]

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