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08/01/10: Some Polishing

I've been continuing to improve the user interface of the Gen IV Locations. Now there is also an autocomplete textbox (if you have Javascript enabled) where you can quickly type in the location name you want, there's a bit of an explanation when you first enter the page, and the condition options will only appear for tables where those conditions actually exist. Finally, for when you use the drop-down, I ordered it in alphabetical order, which isn't perfect but hopefully somewhat more useful than before.

Now, as it has become strictly superior to the old D/P/Pt locations page as far as I can tell, I figured I might as well get rid of that and just let this one officially replace it, so the old one is now gone from the menu.

UPDATE EDIT: Somehow I forgot about the Places to Train part; I've now put that in its own section here as promised. As I've been saying, I will make one for HG/SS as well once I've finalized the location tool satisfactorily.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I believe I've finished the Where and Notes for all the locations now.

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