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08/01/09: Platinum Vs. Seeker

Why yes, my last update was hinting at the fact I was working on the Platinum Vs. Seeker.

The section is actually unfinished at the moment: I will be adding all the Pokémon Center battles and Battleground rematches as well as more high-level training spots, but figured I might as well put it up as is since it's useful without them too.

I also added yet another bizarre Platinum change that I discovered while making this.

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Commenting on: 08-01-09

I noticed something in that Platinum V.S. seeker section. You know Breeder Kahlil? That guy who brushes his Pokemon? And then himself? He doesn't say that in Platinum after you beat him. Instead he just praises the Veilstone Department Store.


"The Veilstone Department Store is pretty impressive! Did you know they even sell Poffins?"

Great section and site, by the way.

Houndour for the spammifier (which, ironically enough, I just finished breeding).

[04/08/2009 21:45:38]

Commenting on: 08-01-09

I found the change! It's Trainer Name Changes!

Also, the VS. Seeker page is very useful! Thanks!

[02/08/2009 16:37:08]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-01-09

Theoretically there could be a better one, since I've yet to go through all the major EXP-yielding trainers and who might be near them, but I doubt it.

[02/08/2009 16:08:29]

Commenting on: 08-01-09

I can't believe I found that high level spot all by myself wehn I was in Portugal. I was sure there had to be a better one somewhere, but nope. Woo!

[02/08/2009 14:20:02]

Who am I this time? Hmhmmm
Website: Hm?
Commenting on: 08-01-09

Much more obvious this time.

Right below the Vs Seeker one, it uses the word "bizarre" which was hinted at in the post.

[02/08/2009 02:59:10]

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