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07/31/10: More fixing, Black and White

I fixed another error that was coming up on the Gen IV Locations page for some locations, and I really hope that's the last one, but if it isn't, by all means tell me.

Also, I've switched the HG/SS Play-Asia links for new ones for pre-ordering Black and White. If you're planning to import the Japanese version of one of them and like this site, do it through these links. I mean, why not? You get the game you want, I get a minuscule amount of money. Win-win.

UPDATE EDIT: I've improved the interface of the Gen IV Locations a bit by making the terrain menu hide terrains that don't actually apply to the location you've selected. This is Javascript, so it doesn't work if you don't have it enabled, but of course it's still usable without this feature. I've also been adding Where and Notes for a lot of locations.

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