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07/30/08: Zodiac Back

Oops, I just realized that after I removed the Zodiac so it wouldn't get in the way during the creation of Roar of Time style, I forgot to put it back on. So yeah, it's there now.

And amusingly enough, by a complete coincidence, it happens to be the Festival of Dialga today. o.o (Oh, and I forgot to warn you yesterday: Roar of Time style will be messed up in Internet Explorer 6 because it uses a bunch of alpha-transparent PNGs, which it doesn't support. Hence the [!ie] label in the style switcher. If you're still using IE6, you shouldn't.)

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Commenting on: 07-30-08

Butterfree's color scheme is remarkable! Make a Butterfree style and an Infernape style for my level 100 infernape!

[07/09/2008 23:31:58]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

I really like the Dialga style. It is my new favorite one. =D

[12/08/2008 16:17:36]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-30-08

Um, guys, I don't pick a Pokémon and then make a style for that Pokémon. I choose the mascot Pokémon to fit the color scheme I'm thinking about. The reason there are no Charizard, Butterfree or Magikarp styles is simply that their color schemes are either unremarkable or unappealing and thus I haven't felt the urge to create one. There will be a Palkia style if and only if I want to make a style with those colors and feel Palkia is the best mascot for it; same with all other suggested Pokémon.

[10/08/2008 14:27:22]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

I came up with the Palkia one on the previous Guestbook…Good call on the Darkrai style though. There should also be a Shaymin/Shaymin Sky Forme Style!

[10/08/2008 14:07:38]

Website: Ezpero, made by the creator of A Land called Ages
Commenting on: 07-30-08

You should totally make a Palkia version! Oh, and a Giratina/Darkrai.

[07/08/2008 22:28:24]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

xD what a coincidence!

[31/07/2008 22:30:08]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

But if I switch to 7, then it becomes more difficult to get sprites. Besides, it is a little too complex for me: I mean, I can handle complex things, but I like it when they aren't.

[31/07/2008 15:23:26]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

This style is too dark for my eyes lol. :p

[31/07/2008 14:25:15]

Luxray Village HQ
Website: Luxray Village
Commenting on: 07-30-08

You got any ideas for a website, anyone? I'm open!

[31/07/2008 12:28:06]

Commenting on: 07-30-08

lies, you definitely planned for it to be the dialga festival when you put up the new style :-O

[31/07/2008 06:11:42]

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