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Commenting on: 07-28-09

Wow. Last night I had a dream that I was looking at this website, and Butterfree had a new update saying "Okay, the Platinum change I mentioned yesterday was ___ (I forgot what it was, but I think it had something to do with shiny Pokémon…), but I realized that change wasn't really there and removed it". O_o I had a TcoD dream!

As for the change, I have no idea… probably because I don't have Platinum yet. XD;;;;

Hey, Totodile for the spam thingy. Arceus is telling me to pre-order HG/SS as soon as I can! *shot*

[01/08/2009 22:59:13]

Mow Rotom
Commenting on: 07-28-09

Accually, Cindaquazy, they kinda are. *HINT HINT*


[30/07/2009 18:37:36]

Website: Cyndaquazy's Site
Commenting on: 07-28-09

This challenge is made even harder with the fact that the changes aren't in chronological order… Hmmm gonna take a long while for me, if not forever…

[29/07/2009 23:54:16]

Emerald Espeon
Commenting on: 07-28-09

I'm guessing the new Platinum change is the VS Seeker one…you're making the Platinum VS Seeker page? :D

[29/07/2009 21:56:17]

Website: Igloos and Dumbbells
Commenting on: 07-28-09

Ohhh, I see. That makes sense. Haha…. *feels out of place for some reason*

[29/07/2009 20:49:58]

Mow Rotom
Commenting on: 07-28-09

Wow, Butterfree it's about time. :P

[29/07/2009 18:18:56]

Commenting on: 07-28-09

Well, I haven't noticed what it is XD And yay, update :D

[29/07/2009 03:54:36]

Website: Pikachu's Plaza
Commenting on: 07-28-09

Oh yes. I didn't notice that at all. :P

In response to the previous comment:Oh, oh yes she is…

[29/07/2009 03:47:39]

Who am I? Hmhmmm
Commenting on: 07-28-09

I have no idea.

You're making a Platinum Vs Seeker page, aren't you…

[29/07/2009 03:33:19]

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